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Celery-Designer Influence

Alex and I chose to re brand celery for our final project. We also chose to model our campaign after the designer Milton Glaser. He is most known for his design of the “I heart NY” campaign, yet we found his magazine covers for New York magazine, Time, and Life to be colorful, upbeat, and … Continue reading

Recipe Book

My mom and I always gather recipes from Ina Garten’s cookbooks. Her recipes are very simple and the food always comes out delicious. The layout of her books is always constant which is good, as a user. Also, she categorizes the recipes by meals so they’re easy to find. Also, she usually keeps text on … Continue reading

Icon Libraries

I’m posting these pictures of icon libraries mostly because this is what I associate with icons. When you’re driving, the blue symbols are some that you would see frequently along with a symbol for a gas station or a public restroom. The camping ground symbols are some that remind me of my childhood and going … Continue reading

Logo Examples-3 good, 3 bad

  For me these are 3 examples of good logos (shown at the bottom) and three bad logos (at the top). Nike is one of my favorite logos mostly because of the meaning behind it, that the shape emulates the “winged victory” sculpture and the greek goddess Nike. I also think that their slogan, “just … Continue reading

Magazine Article mark up

This article is effective in letting the viewer know whats important, letting their eye see the photo, the caption, and the beginning of the text. I think though, they could have spent more time editing the spacing, although some of the white space looks elegant, i think the text looks very heavy against the large … Continue reading

Bad layout example

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424053111904265504576568442780896706.html?mod=WSJ_hp_LEFTTopStories This article was taken from Wall Street Journal’s online news site. The article is short, has a disconnected heading has no pictures for reference, and no pulled quotes. Basically the article consists of the title and the body of text that is separated between dialogues and new thoughts.

Good Layout example

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/08/garden/home-stagers-who-have-perfected-the-art-of-living-well.html?pagewanted=3&_r=1&ref=garden This link is from the New York Times home online section. The article shows a better use of space than my second example. This article has a larger header, telling the reader what the article is about. There is a picture at the beginning with a caption, as well as other pictures throughout the … Continue reading