Final-Task 4

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With our final project, we really moved away from our original design ideas for the campaign. At first we wanted to have illustrated posters, but in practicality that did not seem real and genuine enough for our target market. Our ideas for packaging also vastly changed. At first we wanted to have them in a tin can, but after realizing that would make the celery spoil, we opted for a plastic casing. Our brochure also changed in that at first we wanted to include much more information about celery and it’s benefits, but in the end we used the brochure as a supplement to our “Top It” or accessorizing your celery aspect. With the packaging, we thought it would be nice as a compliment with the brochure, or the brochure could be handed out as promotional material to our target market. The posters would be placed in a top fashion magazine, such as Harper’s Bazaar. With the design choices for the posters, we wanted everything to be extremely consistent and simple, therefore letting the glamourous photos speak for themselves. The posters either had “get the look.” as a tagline or “be seen. not heard.” We really wanted them to be high fashion and address our target market. Throughout the process, we made a lot of strides as a team to accomplish the final product.


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